Western Herbal Medicine

I love liquid herbal medicine because they are potent, fast acting and easy to dose.  I have over 60 different herbal remedies in stock which can be combined for your individual health problem.


Nutritional Medicine

FODMAPs, elimination, histamine free, gluten free, dairy free, weight loss, SIBO, weight loss, ketogenic, vegetarian, vegan, yeast free, rotation diet, detoxification and alkalising diets, additive free.  The list is endless!!  I also create specific compounds that you can add to your food (see picture).  You can purchase probiotics that are sweet you can use in your cooking that are great for your gut health!!

Supplements – Compounding Naturopath

Avoid buying 10 different supplements when you can have your supplements compounded.  It works out soooooo much cheaper, is easier to take and personalised to your current health condition.


Australian Bush Flower Essences

Are you looking to move through some emotional blockages that are hampering your healing?  I have the full range of Australian Bush Flower Essences in stock and we can work out an individualised remedy to help you 🙂



I have beautiful hand succussed homeopathic remedies in stock used to treat conditions that are common in the Northern Territory.  They work beautifully on children and for those who love homeopathic medicine.


Essential Oils

Essential oils are potent healing gifts from mother nature.  I use them externally to aid healing for infections, skin problems and are particularly great for children and female hormonal issues.




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