Weight Loss

It amazes me how the weight loss theory of energy in must be less than energy expenditure equals weight loss has persisted in the weight loss industry for so long. This theory likens the body’s metabolism to a set of scales or a calculator. Our bodies are SO much more complicated than this. A more precise description is to see the body as a thermostat.

Anybody who has embarked on a eat less, exercise more weight loss program knows after 4-10 days of doing this your metabolism goes into chaos triggering hunger, cravings and low erratic energy.  It is not possible to loss and keep weight off on will power alone.

Statistics tracking weight loss contestants found that of the 95% of people that finish their diet regained all of the weight that they had lost in the first 12 months, with 60% of the 95% gaining the weight back they lost plus more weight. The tip to avoid this from happening to you is to maintain your basal metabolic rate as you are losing weight.

There is an abundance of weight loss programs on the market available to choose from.  From a Naturopathic view point always start your weight loss program with nutrition dietary changes first not exercise to balance metabolism. Make adjustments so that the hunger, cravings and low erratic energy feedback you are receiving from your metabolism are in balance.

When you embark on an exercise weight loss program do the least amount of exercise possible to get the result you are after. The reason for this is once you are at your desired weight you will have to maintain the exercise you did plus some more exercise to keep your weight off.