Thyroid problems?

Hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, Hashimoto thyroiditis, thyroid antibodies, Graves’ Disease, chances are yourself or somebody you know has one of these conditions. Why are they so common now when back in Robbins Pathology Textbook in 1967 it stated “diseases of the thyroid are not common in medical practice”  Fast forward to 1995 research in the United States found 11.7% had abnormal thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) with significant increases in autoimmune thyroid conditions as well.

The thyroid has the most sensitive tissue out of all of the endocrine glands in your body and therefore easily disrupted by environmental, lifestyle and nutritional factors.  Take heart if you are experiencing thyroid problems because there are SO MANY things you can do to help restore your thyroid back to good health!  I have seen many people with thyroid problems and have had great success.  If you are experiencing thyroid issues get onto it early as this is your best chance of overcoming it. It is very important to uncover your unique reasons for your thyroid problems, then remedy them!