I have a personal history with skin and understand the misery that inflamed skin can cause to your overall wellbeing.  Trying to locate what foods, environmental exposure, emotions, unbalanced body systems could be causing your skin problem can take some time to work out.  The skin is one of the body’s three main elimination challenges, the other two been the bowel and kidneys.  Skin is directly affected by how well these elimination channels are working along with the health of your digestive system, liver, hormonal system, your sleep pattern, medications and so on.  Uncovering which system(s) is causing your skin imbalance is the place to begin.

There are a variety of herbal medicines, supplements and dietary changes that can do wonders to improving overall skin health whether it be you suffer from atopic or contact dermatitis, acne vulgaris or rosacea, skin infections, psoriasis, acne caused by coming off the pill and warts.