Preconception Care, Pregnancy & Children

Preconception Care should ideally begin at least 4 months prior to trying to get pregnant.  The reason for this is it takes the ova 3 months to mature and 2- 4 months for new healthier sperm to develop.  What you would embark on is a detoxification program, identifying toxins and eliminating them, achieving a healthy body composition, access existing blood markers such as ferritin, then move onto building nutritional credit to give every opportunity for fertility, an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Pregnancy I find it very exciting the number of ways in which natural medicine can help pregnant women.  It is such a magical experience feeling to have life grow inside you.  Enjoy your 9 months of movement towards becoming a mum to this new being.  If you are suffering from morning sickness, gestational diabetes, low iron, low platelets, threatened miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, have allergies in your family and want to do your best to avoid passing it onto your newborn, stretch marks, GORD and many more… there are things you can do to help yourself!

Children what a gift it is to have a child!  I love children and see them regularly in my clinic from simple treatments such as constipation/diarrhoea, allergies, reaccuring infections, asthma, fussy eaters, common intestinal parasites, otitis media, conjunctivitis, sleep problems, warts, UTIs and many more.  Children normally respond quickly to treatment!