Iridology Tongue Nails Dx


The use of Iridology dates back to 1000BC where the Chaldeans of Babylonia depicted the iris and its relationship to the body in carved stone slabs.   Hippocrates taught iris diagnosis at his medical school.  Iridology continued to evolve over the years with the greatest contributor Bernard Jensen from America.  He tracked, recorded and created the Iridology chart most commonly used today.  It truly is fascinating what your eyes can reveal about you.

Tongue diagnosis has been used for thousands of years in China.  The tongue can give very clear indications of the state of your health based on it’s shape, size, texture, coating, colour and blood vessels under the tongue.  For example a normal tongue should have an even coating that is slightly white and thin.  If the tongue’s coating is yellowish, either thick or not, there is internal inflammation, congestion and excessive energy or function.

Nails are made from protein (keratin) they rely on a wide range of vitamins, minerals and fats to grow strong and healthy.  Nails can give important insight into your nutritional status, digestive and general state of health.  For example white spots can be a sign of calcium or zinc deficiency whilst pronounced vertical ridging can be a deficiency of silica, iron and B vitamins.

In consultation we combine your iridology reading, tongue and nail diagnosis in conjunction with recent blood tests or x-rays to piece together a picture of your current state of health.   Eyes, tongue and nails all provide clues about your digestive health, genetic history, past medical history and helps to hone your treatment program back to better health.