Unfortunately we are exposed to toxic chemicals everyday in our lives, even when we do our best to minimise our exposure.  Below are examples of some ways you are expected to toxins:

  • new cars that are less than 12 months old,
  • in recently painted homes or office buildings
  • pesticides on foods,  smoked/cured meats, use plastics in your kitchen, use teflon cooking pans, eat tuna/swordfish/shark/orange roughy more than 3 times per week, eat canned foods
  • microwaves, air freshener, household cleaners
  • wifi, mobile phones, damp homes, gas, road pollutions
  • apply commercial sunscreen to your skin more than 3 times per week

It makes great sense to do an annual detoxification program to give your body a chance to release it’s toxic burden.  If you are wanting to get pregnant it is also highly advisable to do a detoxification program first.