Allergy Testing

Which foods tend to cause the most food allergies and intolerances that are prevalent amongst our children?

An analysis of Growing Up in Australia: has provided some interesting results.  6-7-year olds and 10-11-year olds were investigated.

In the younger age group, foods producing a reaction within half an hour were eggs (89%), other nuts (78%) and peanuts (77%); while in the older age group, 86% experienced a reaction to other nuts within half an hour and 75% had such a reaction to peanuts.

The most frequent reaction reported for eggs was skin rash (6-7-year olds 72%;10-11 year olds 78%), swelling or tingling of the mouth (26% and 20% respectively) and vomiting (20% for both ages). The most frequent reactions for peanuts and other nuts were skin rash, swelling or tingling of the mouth and breathing difficulty. In both groups, the foods associated with the highest rates of breathing difficulty was nuts and peanuts; with soy having the lowest risk.

Among both groups, the most commonly reported foods to cause a reaction were peanuts, eggs, cow’s milk and other nuts, while soy and sesame had the lowest reaction rates.

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