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    Naturopath Consultation

Naturopath Consultation

Naturopathic consultations provide a terrific opportunity for you to explore your health problem(s) with a trained professional.  Consultations are longer than the standard 15 minute GP appointment.  I love working together with my clients to uncover solutions to their health problems.  No two people are the same.  The questions that form part of your consultation include: What are your current health issues?  How long have you had them?  What is your past medical history?  Do you have any recent blood test results?  When were you last completely well?  How has your signs and symptoms impacted your life?  Diagnostic tools available for use in your consultation include kinesiology, iridology, nail, pulse and tongue diagnosis.

 Your first consultation is an investment of 60 minutes of your time.  Follow up consultations vary according to the time they take, between 30 to 60 minutes.  Expect the need for a minimum of two consultations, particularly if your health issue has been long standing.  

What do you need to bring along to your initial consultation?  Bring previous blood test results from your GP, food diaries if you have kept them, menstrual tracker (for hormonal cases), signs and symptoms and your health fund card to receive your rebate.  At the time of booking you will be sent a link to fill in a pre consultation questionnaire.

* Initial consultation $110 for a 60 minute appointment

* Three Follow Up Consultations options, $70 for 30 minutes, $90 for 45 minute or $110 for 60 minutes.

* Herbal Medicines and/or supplements are additional to consultation fees.

* Health Fund Rebates and EFTPOS facilities are available.

Consultations are available by appointment only:-

Monday 10am – 5pm

Tuesday 8.30am – 2.30pm

Wednesday 10am – 5pm

Thursday 8.30am – 6pm.  

Phone 8927 2471 or 0411 173 763 or email info@naturopathicsolutions.com.au to book your consultation.
Naturopathic Consultations Live in Skype


With the recent changes made by the Federal Government initial naturopathic consultations can now be conducted through online audio-visual mediums.  Online audio-visual consultations are an alternative to face-to-face consultations. While face-to-face consultations are preferred, there are situations where an online audio-visual consultation will enable more convenient and accessible healthcare delivery without compromising patient safety, particularly for people living in rural parts of Australia.

Once an initial consultation has been conducted any supplements or herbal medicines can be posted to you via Australia Post.  The same consultation fees apply as listed above.