About Us

Hello, my name is Michelle Brown.  Darwin, Northern Territory has been my home for 20 years.  Naturopathy is my passion.  Helping people to achieve their health goals is what I LOVE to do.

I spent my first 23 years in Melbourne.  My first twenty years I had eczema and food sensitivities that later developed into anaphylactic reactions.  I think this started me on my journey to becoming a naturopath at a young age.  Through experience I understood the health system (doctors, specialists, allergy testing, naturopaths, homeopaths) and the search to find healing.  I think this helps me empathise and understand my clients journey towards health regardless of the illness, distress or disease they are experiencing.  My naturopath education added to my experience and gave me the knowledge of specific illnesses and how to treat them.

I studied psychology at Monash University, my intention was to graduate and to continue on with my honours to become a psychologist but in my second year I realised this was not my perfect fit.  At the age of 19 I was introduced to Balance For Life which later changed it’s name to Seasonal Way.  Their healing system was based on Chinese Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Kinesiology and how these all interact with natures four seasons. Upon graduating from their Practitioner training course and my Arts/Psychology degree in 1995 I was free of eczema and my digestive system was stronger!  I wanted to make up for my childhood limited by my condition and travel!

I loved the freedom of my 20s, lived in many different places and had many different jobs.  When I reached my 30s I realised I wanted to become a qualified naturopath.  I studied and completed my Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy in 2012 which built on the knowledge I obtained at 19-23 years old and had to practice my whole life.  For me it has been coming full circle back to the knowledge and life I love, which for you my clients I hope can be beneficial for you, to help you have the life YOU want to live!  Exciting!!